Alkindi AC Duct cleaning

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    SAFWA Green (2nd Floor),
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    PO BOX 7883, Doha, Qatar
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Alkindi AC Duct cleaning


Making the toughest cleaning tasks easy.
Cleaning kitchen smoke extraction and air-conditioning systems is a tedious and difficult task, without a doubt. We know how hard it is to carry out these tasks manually and, for this very reason, the principal objective of Alkindi  AC Duct cleaning is to automate them in order to make things easier for operators and save them time and money.

We Would Like To Introduce Ourselves As A Reliable And

Professional Cleaning Company

Making the toughest cleaning tasks easy!

The Best Choice For

  • The air-conditioning duct cleaning machinery.
  • Industrial kitchen smoke.
  • Fat extraction systems sectors.
  • Innovation in industrial cleaning.
  • Tailored solutions for technical cleaning

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