Alkindi Hygienitech System

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  • Barwa Commercial Avenue,
    (Type-2), Block-27,
    SAFWA Green (2nd Floor),
    Industrial Area Road,
    PO BOX 7883, Doha, Qatar
  • +974 7773 9543
  • Sat-Thu 8.00AM - 6.00PM

Alkindi Hygienitech System ?

With Alkindi Mattress sanitization, we clean all mattresses and upholstered fabrics in a green and efficient way.
It removes all types of dust, viruses, mold, fungi, bacteria and many other harmful allergens on beds as well as nonporous hard surfaces found in homes, hotels and multi-bed facilities.  The Alkindi Hygienitech system has been scientifically tested and proves sufficiently suited to leave all areas applied bacteria free and allergen safe.

Alkindi Hygienitech System Eliminates Harmful Allergens

Using 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly products

Hygienitech System Solution

There’s only one safe, chemical-free way to clean and sanitize mattresses and upholstered items properly, the Hygienitech® way. Our equipment is state of the art and our service and support is unparalleled

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